New portfolios

January 2018 | 111 apartments in Friesland
111 dwellings in Leeuwarden, Drachten en Bergum.

September 2017 | 39 apartments in Heemstede
39 apartments in residential complex 'De Waterhof' in Heemstede. 

September 2017 | 60 apartments in IJmuiden
60 apartments in residential complex 'De Komeet' in IJmuiden.

September 2017 | 19 apartments De Woonmensen
19 apartments in residential complex 'De Boog' in Apeldoorn.

July 2017 | 22 apartments Woonbedrijf Ieder1
22 apartments and 1 commercial space in residential complex 'Het Baken' in Deventer.
For the following portfolios the tendering procedures have been closed:

May 2017 | Residential Portfolio De Goede Woning
The Portfolio consists of 17 single-family dwellings, 38 multi-family dwellings and 62 garage boxes in Zoetermeer.

April 2017 | 91 apartments Haag Wonen
Complex 'Drentse Hoek' consists of 91 apartments, 2 commercial spaces and 85 parking places. The complex is located in The Hague.

April 2017 | 24 apartments LEKSTEDEwonen and Woongoed Zeist
A unique residential complex in the centre of Utrecht. 

January 2017 | Residential portfolio Stadlander
The portfolio consists of 170 apartments, 1 commercial space and 63 parking places in Etten-Leur, Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal.

Oktober 2016 | Residential portfolio Rentree
The portfolio consists of 3 complexes with in total 67 dwellings, space for the purpose of public facilities and two antennas. The complexes are all located in Deventer.

Oktober 2016 | 28 appartments Woningbelang
This complex in Valkenswaard consists of 28 apartments.

August 2016 | Residential portfolio Waterweg Wonen
This portfolio consists of 31 single-family dwellings in Vlaardingen, divided over two complexes.

August 2016 |
New development Elan Wonen
Complex Aquaverde consists of 54 apartments and parking places located at the Spaarne river in Haarlem.

July 2016 |
Residential portfolio Woonpunt
The portfolio includes approx. 186 dwellings in Maastricht, Heerlen and Geleen.

May 2016 | Redevelopment site Rijswijk Wonen
This location in Rijswijk now contains three complexes that will need to be demolished. A total of  69 new apartments can be realised.

March 2016 | 44 apartments MeerWonen
This complex in Oegstgeest consists of two buildings offering a total of 44 apartments.

February 2016 | 2 apartments and 3 commercial spaces deltaWonen
This monumental complex in Zwolle includes 2 apartments and 3 commercial spaces.

February 2016 | 15 apartments Maasdelta
Complex Raadhuisstaete includes 15 apartments and approx. 2.800 m² office/retail space.

February 2016 | 20 multi-family dwellings deltaWonen
Complex Sans Soucis in Zwolle (province of Overijssel) includes 20 multi-family dwellings.

December 2015 | 4 apartments De Woonmensen
De Woonmensen has started with the sale of 4 apartments in Apeldoorn (Gelderland).

November 2015 | 2 complexes Qua Wonen
Qua Wonen has started the sale of 2 complexes with a total of 55 multi-family dwellings in Krimpen aan den IJssel (Zuid Holland).

October 2015 | Residential portfolio Thuisvester
This portfolio includes approximately 178 dwellings spread across 7 complexes in the provinces of Noord Brabant and Zeeland.  

September 2015 | Residential portfolio Servatius
This portfolio includes approximately 129 dwellings spread across 9 complexes in Maastricht and Eijsden (province Limburg).  

June 2015 | 10 multi-family dwellings GroenWest
These multi-family dwellings are to be renovated. It is also possible to build new apartments on this location.

May 2015 | 56 multi-family dwellings Woonkracht 10
The sale includes 56 apartments, divided over four complexes. The apartments are located in Alblasserdam (two complexes) and Zwijndrecht (two complexes), the Netherlands.

April 2015 | Plot of land and optional building plan for 52 apartments in Hilversum
The new development 'Kop van Hilversum’ is a plot of land (about 31 acres and 5 centiares) with an optional plan for the construction of 52 apartments, 300 sqm commercial space and 80 parking spaces.  

February 2015 |
Koninginnetoren Stichting Maasdelta Groep
This complex includes 82 appartements, commercial space and 20 parking places.

November 2014 |
Residential portfolio Viveste
This portfolio includes 82 single-family dwellings and 20 multi-family dwellings.

July 2014 | Residential portfolio WIF Lent B.V.
This portfolio includes approximately 305 dwellings in Lent (municipality of Nijmegen).

June 2014 | Residential portfolio Servatius
A portfolio of 361 dwellings, divided into 5 subportfolios.

June 2014 | Residential portfolio WIF B.V. (Wooninvesteringsfonds)
A residential portfolio of approximately 3,848 dwellings located throughout the Netherlands. 

Capital Value will supervise the sales procedures.